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Did You Know...Is It True???

Just want to start by saying WHAT UP! anyway, now that is over - as i was getting ready this morning to come to Wildside i walked outside and noticed that there was a light drizzle and it was really misty. So, seeing the weather condition i decided to put on my brand new PUMA track jacket deal (which happens to be SUPER SWEET)! As i put it on, i decided to zip it up and then i was taken back by something that happened. Are you ready for this? The zipper was on the LEFT side of the jacket instead of the right side. Now some of you may be thinking i'm crazy but for me this was a revelation. It was at that exact moment that i begin to think, "not only is this jacket super sweet and not only was it $30, BUT...the zipper is on the left side." Now to me that is soooooo cool. To make a long story short, i get to the tent this morning and reveal my revelation to Kurt and he tells me, "dude, when the zipper is on the left side that means its girls clothing." "WHAT?" Now please, i'll have you know that THIS is by no means a women's jacket - or is it? Did you know that the buttons on most girls clothing, is on the LEFT side? Is that really a true statement? I honestly had NO CLUE that the buttons or zippers for that matter were on the left side of girls apparel and on the right side for men's. No one has ever told me that before so today has been a HUGE revelation in my knowledge of fashion. Just in case some of you were wondering though...even if the jacket i have is a girls jacket, i would still go back to Urban Outfitters at 3rd street promenade and buy it again. So, my question - is this true about girls clothes? Let me know your thoughts.

Stephen, oh Stephen. You were told a big one. Unless it's just another of those quirky CA things.

I meant to say about zippers. It's true about buttons. But I've NEVER worn something with a zipper on the left. Unless I'm the one always buying guys clothing.

Seriously, this is commonly known as girl's clothing here in the US. So this whole discussion makes me smile. JG

I've heard this to be true...but it's debateable I think. I just checked in my closet...and of the 5 jackets i checked...3 of them had zippers on the left. So, I dunno.

Seriously, guys, this is legit. You can also tell if it has extra space in the ... chest area. Follow? I have to link to this.


it is true and here is why. hahahahahah. sorry that was me laughing about stephen buying a woman's jacket. Back in the day, lets say the days of yore, women were dressed by another woman. I don't know the term, but they were dressed by other women facing them. So the buttons or in your case the zipper would be on the right for the person who was dressing the other person who needed to be dressed. Dude, it's a girls jacket.

Officially, when you connect the zipper, there's neither a right or a left. So just look at it that way. And I checked too. All of mine, separated, are on the left. Oh well! I guess because I zip them with my right hand when it's connected, I was thinking they were on the right. But, who cares, anyway? You're happy with it!

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